Business Development

Asset Development Plan

Drugs with significant autophagy modulating profiles and favorable toxicological history are being screened in vitro to identify lead candidates for pre-clinical evaluation and clinical development. Structure-activity relationships learned in this program will also be utilized to develop NCEs and companion diagnostics for further development. Biophagy expects to complete these goals through a significant partnership program.

Acquiring IP

Biophagy’s corporate mission includes the acquisition of additional intellectual property that complements and enlarges its sphere of influence in the area of autophagy. The company is especially interested in acquiring unique screening libraries with autophagy potential plus patents and technologies covering in vitro and in vivo screens to determine the selective role of autophagy in targeted diseases.


Partnering Expectations

  • Biophagy will partner with a large/mid-sized pharma company having expertise in one or more of the disease areas outlined under Biophagy’s Technology. Together we will develop Biophagy’s lead(s) into therapeutic adjuncts, primary therapies, or companion diagnostics for diseases of high unmet medical need.
  • Biophagy seeks partners with expertise in repurposing drugs for clinical trials, evaluating/ranking the risk associated with candidate repurposed drugs, developing NCEs for the targeted markets, and/or designing companion diagnostics.
  • Biophagy also seeks partners for evaluating developing markets (US and globally) for repurposed drugs/NCEs and diagnostics in selected target indications.


To discuss a partnership or IP collaboration contact:

Mary J Ortner, PhD, MBA